PILAR federated tools

Here you can see the list of credentials required to access any VISIR of the PILAR consortium.

Getting started

The VISIR system is very flexible and supports many types of experiments. In the VISIR consortium, there are 6 VISIR deployments hosted in 5 universities in 4 European countries. Each VISIR deployment has its own components, so the following lessons will be available sometimes in one deployment or in other.

But do not worry: PILAR makes this process transparent for you, by providing you a set of lessons that you can teach, and including what are the credentials that you have to use in each case. You can use those credentials in your Moodle system (or, if you have any other system such as Sakai, Blackboard, etc., you can use that too!), so you don't need to register your students in any system. Alternatively, if you do not have a Moodle system, you can also use our Moodle system, where your students and you can register and use the laboratories.